City Bingo Review

In the crowded, frenetic world of bingo sites, the smart money is on creating an experience that is significantly distinct from the others.

City Bingo is, by all accounts, a perplexing establishment that seems to depend primarily on our capacity to recollect former television series. If we were designing a website called City Bingo, we would probably focus more on the universal realities of city life – great food, fantastic culture, crammed public transportation, traffic jams, and all the other random things you only see in a place with enough people for each individual to successfully lose themselves in the thick of things, even if only for a pre-determined amount of time.

Rather than that, the artists responsible for this one chose a cat. While he is a cheerful-looking cat, and we like cats, there is a lot to be said about being clear and consistent. At the top of the screen, you’ll notice the City Bingo emblem, followed by the first appearance of this feline companion.

He looks to be dressed in a traditional Japanese attire, and the significance of that is beyond this humble scribe’s grasp save from a passing allusion to ‘Bingo In Hong Kong’. Perhaps it is wiser not to inquire why.


One thing that is clear is that there is some inspiration here from the television series Top Cat, which would be fine if the majority of the world remembered the series. The problem is that, aside from a much-maligned and then-despised appearance in an advertisement for one of the least credible banks in the United Kingdom, the majority of us haven’t seen or heard from TC in years.

As such, why on Earth would we react to a spoof version that is just different enough to escape copyright infringement and arrives after the actual character has already sold his soul for more than Iggy Pop?

Over with the ranting

It’s easy to get carried away while examining these bingo websites since they seem uninspired or at the very least inconsistent, but let’s face it – you don’t give a damn about the design choices any more than you care about whether or not Top Cat will ever make a genuine return in pop culture. What important are two things: the website’s functionality and the presence of excellent games.

The answer is a comforting yes on both points. To begin, although we’re not fans of City Bingo’s general design and placement, everything is undoubtedly in its proper place. The menus are simple to use, and the site has all the information you might want. Thus, within minutes of loading the site, you’ll know that your initial investment will get you free bingo tickets.

Additionally, we are aware that there are several game varieties to choose from, ranging from Jackpots to Slots and Super Slots. Avoid getting too enthusiastic; they are far more restricted in terms of alternatives than a more robust online bingo website, but you can’t fault the creators for trying to make this a little more intriguing than your regular bingo website.

Table Games, for example, offer just two distinct categories, which is rather inadequate by anyone’s standards, much alone someone who makes a livelihood analyzing the advantages and (very minor) distinctions between two different online casino or bingo websites.

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As is the case with the overwhelming majority of online gaming establishments, City Bingo goes to considerable efforts to ensure that you return for more, or possibly never leave in the first place. Let’s take a closer look at them, since this is the section of the website that has the greatest interest for some—how to get the most out of any investment you make.

City Bingo’s loyalty program is really named the Diamond VIP Club. If you think that sounds nice, welcome to 1970s Brooklyn, since it sounds more like a substandard strip club hidden down a back alley, promoted to the street by a neon sign that no longer works properly—instead of a continuous, it’s an annoying blink.