Relax Gaming has added a magnetic power-themed grid slot machine to its library with Magnetz.

They’ve taken an unorthodox approach, opting for a layout that’s not commonly used. Starting with something unique, let’s see what Magnetz has to offer.

Sci-fi elements include a factory setting and a game area sandwiched between four rocket boosters. These turbines launch symbols onto the grid in the hopes that they will cluster into winning combinations. Magnetz has a soothing, low-key ambient soundtrack that immediately puts you at ease. Over time, a number of minor annoyances may add up and cause you to lose your calm and instead spiral downward into a state of frustration. I immediately think of Flower Fortunes Megaways by Fantasa Games (also a Relax partner) as another game with a similar vibe.

Magnetz can be played on any device from 10 p/c up to $/€50 per spin. Flipping your phone to landscape mode is recommended if you want to take full advantage of the game’s immersive atmosphere. The RTP of 96.6% is above average compared to other games we’ve seen recently. The volatility setting in the mathematical model is also very important. Combined with Magnetz’s clustering behavior, this can cause the session to experience genuine highs and lows. Respins stretch out the action, which can result in decent victories once in a while, but there is also a lot of downtime.

It’s time to check out Magnetz’s setup. In the base game, players are provided with not one, but four grids, each measuring 3 by 4. The objective of the game is to land clusters of 5 or more identical symbols, and each spin results in 12 symbols appearing on each mini-grid. During features, the grids are improved in a few key ways that affect how they are used.

Players use six standard pay symbols to create clusters. They lack a unifying principle that could provide context for the reader. Shapes like stars, triangles, diamonds, and hexagons follow the progression from small to large. Five of these symbols clustered together typically yields a payout of 0.5x-1x. The only time it’s possible to land clusters of 20 worth anywhere from 15 to 200 times the stake is during features, when the mini-grids merge.

The wild is the last symbol in this group. The wild card can replace any regular symbol to create winning combinations. When there is more than one wild in a cluster of wins, all of the values are multiplied by the random multiplier.

Magnetic Properties

The smaller size of the four grids necessitates strong features if you want to get moving. A few of these are Flux Respins, Magnetic Merges, and Free Spins, so you’re in luck.

Each time the wheel is spun, one of the six possible symbols is shown on the four central magnet icons. A Flux Respin is granted if 5 or more symbols in a grid are magnetically compatible with the neighboring magnet. As long as new matching symbols appear, a bonus symbol appears, or 5 magnets match another magnet, a new sequence of Flux Respins begins.

When two or more neighboring magnets display the same icon, the Magnetic Merge function kicks in. When the two grids are combined, the Flux Respin function can be triggered more easily on the larger combined grid.

The word “BONUS” is emblazoned across the middle of the playing field. As bonus symbols appear, the letters in the word “bonus” light up; if the entire word is illuminated, the player receives 5 free games. During the bonus round, the four smaller grids are replaced by two larger 9×3 grids, which is the main difference from the main game. This allows you to rack up bigger combos and increase your chances of getting Flux Respins.

Magnetic: Conclusion

Unlike many other popular grid slots, Magnetz doesn’t immediately deliver on the fun and excitement front. It takes time to form an opinion about it, whether positive or negative. There are advantages; for one, it’s novel. More often than not, Flux Respins will land, maximizing your return on investment. However, there are a few issues that prevent you from immersing yourself in Magnetz’s original experience. The first are the minuscule grids. It can be difficult to land groups of five or more in a 3×4 area because of the limited space available. It means that successes are less common and smaller in scale when they do materialize.

It’s something that can be frustrating to observe. Magnetz frequently experiences a greater sense of confinement than most grid slots. Clusters can be constructed with the help of the available Flux Respins, but, once again, the individual grids are too small to amount to much. A full house of the same symbol only pays out between four and twenty times the wager. It’s helpful if you happen to draw the highest value symbol, but it’s a bit of a letdown if you do.

During these bonus rounds, Magnetz really gets going, and the possibilities on the grid expand as a result. It’s still a little cramped in there, even with all the space. Finally, during free spins, Flux Respins can breathe a little easier, and bigger symbol wins are a possibility. A successful outcome would be to obtain 20 stars and a wild multiplier of x5, resulting in an instant 1,000x. If you use more than one wild multiplier, you may receive bonus payouts.

Okay, Magnetz is novel, but I’m still skeptical. It’s not love at first sight, and it’s not endearing when there are stretches of no movement at all. Magnetz could be interesting to try if you’re looking for a grid slot with a unique design and set of features. You can see why most programmers stick to tried-and-true methods now.